How Not to Get a Speeding Ticket

I once received a speeding ticket because I was unfamiliar with the speed limits in an area I happened to be in for the first time in my life. I was shocked to discover that the speed limits in this particular place were so low as this is something that I had never seen in any other place before nor did I expect to receive a speeding ticket so easily without even driving that fast! Because of my experience and what I have learned from it, I would like to give you a few tips and tricks that will minimize the chances that you will pay a lot for your speeding tickets or that you will pay anything at all.

My first advice is to watch for speed limit changes when crossing county lines and state lines. Changing area lines can be tricky and you should be always aware that there are different laws in different parts of the country, which is probably not a surprise to you. If you don’t happen to see a speed limit sign on a freeway, it might definitely help to remember the general rule, which is 65 Miles – per – hour. It might also help to remember that even if there are no signs posted anywhere, you are never allowed to exceed 100 miles – per – hour!

My second advice is to be aware that speed violations in most areas of the country can range from putting 1 point on your license to 2 points. Additionally, the cost of a speeding ticket can be $150 – $400 plus, which can hurt you financially especially if you happen to be in debt. It might be therefore a good idea to try to find somebody to fight and dispute any ticket you received in the past especially when you feel that you didn’t deserve it. Speeding can happen to anybody and you shouldn’t be punished for losing concentration for a minute or two.

My last piece of advice is to lower speed when entering towns especially if you happen to be traveling through unfamiliar areas, business districts, residential areas, or commercial districts. I am sure that you are aware that in such places the speed limit can sometimes drop to 25 mph to 35 mph.

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