Body Cleanse with Xango Juice

Every time a holiday such as Easter ends, I have one thought. I wish I hadn’t eaten so much and I wish I drank more Xango Juice instead. I had to go to the gym straight after Easter just to start feeling better and just to stop eating so much. Maybe you feel the same after the last Easter. If yes, then don’t hesitate to tell me about it. I am here to listen.

I have always been fond of fruits and vegetables, although there were moments in my life when I didn’t eat them that much, especially when I was still back in college. You know how it is and how your life looks like when you are in college and you just grab anything that is edible and that happens to be within your hand’s reach. It is so easy to forget to eat healthy when you are a student and everybody around you snacks on unhealthy foods such as potato chips for example.

Now, when I have a job and wife, it is so much easier for me to eat healthy. My wife packs me healthy lunches to work and there is always at least one serving of fruits or veggies there. Also, when I come home, there’s always a home-cooked meal waiting there for me on the table, which always includes a salad and sometimes a portion of soup.

Some time ago, somebody recommended to me making my own fruit and vegetable juices at home with the help of a juicer. At first, I was very resistant to the idea. I thought that since it is possible to buy juices in a grocery store, why would I even bother making them at home. Now I know why making juices at home is such a great idea. One problem with juices you can buy in stores is that they contain a lot of sugar. This is never the case if you make your own juices in the convenience of your home. I never add any sugar to the juices because I don’t need to do so. Fruits are naturally sweet and there’s no need for any more sugar to be added to them.

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