A Few Safety Signs

I have a few Safety Signs in my basement. I do not exactly remember when I bought them, but it must have been a long time ago since they have been there forever. I also do not exactly recall what was the reason I decided to buy them. The bottom line is that I use them from time to time when I need them, which is good because I do not need to ask somebody for a safety sign when I need it. I also lend them to my family and friends when they ask me for them.

What would life be without safety signs? I am so happy that somebody invented them. Just the other day, on my way to the supermarket from my car, I realized that the floor I had to walk on was slippery. Luckily for me, somebody placed a safety sign informing people like me who were the customers that the floor was indeed slippery. I can only imagine how many accidents were prevented on that particular day. Were it not for the sign, many people would probably fall and get injured. This is not something I would like to witness.

I am thinking about getting a few extra safety signs, just in case so that I have them in my basement waiting for me if I need them. Since some of my family members come to my house from time to time asking me to lend them sings, I came to the conclusion that having a few extra signs would be a good idea. For example, next time I paint my fence, which is likely to happen by the way, I am going to put a sign so that all those who pass by know that if they touch my fence, they are likely to have their clothes ruined from the paint. I believe that it is fair that I want to inform any passers by of the possible danger and I also expect others to inform me about all possible dangers such as slippery floors or roads in all those places where I happen to find myself in. We need to take care of each other to make the world a better place to live.

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