What Do I Think About Electronic Cigarettes

I like it that technology is progressing so fast these days. I am not only thinking about the Internet here, but also about many other things including cigarettes for example and how they have come a long way for the last few decades. It is a lot easier to find the best electronic cigarette brand on the market these days than it used to be in the past and I am glad that this is the case.

I still remember how much I used to dislike somebody smoking close to me when I was younger. One of my aunts has always been a huge fan of smoking and she would smoke at least two packages of cigarettes per day, sometimes even more. Unfortunately for me, my parents would drop me off at her home often when I was a child so that I could play with my cousins, especially on Saturday afternoons so that they could get some time alone. While I liked my cousins a lot and usually had a blast playing with them, my smoking aunt was a nightmare to be with. Their whole home smelled of cigarettes and you could smell it even from the garden. Being there was like a bad dream come true. I am glad that I don’t go there that much anymore mostly because all my cousins already moved out from there, but the aunt still keeps living there and smoking her cigarettes even though we have been telling her for years to stop this bad habit of hers. It seems that nothing works on her and that she is very resistant to the idea of giving up smoking, even though she coughs a lot and know that her health is not that good.

I wish my dear aunt knew something about electronic cigarettes. I bet she wouldn’t even know the difference between the real stuff and electronic cigarettes. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of electronic cigarettes is that you can avoid second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke had always been a problem in her home. Only because her kids didn’t smoke doesn’t mean that they weren’t exposed to the smoke. I heard somewhere that even if you don’t smoke but somebody smokes near you, you are no better than a smoker due to all this stuff you inhale.

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