Buying personalised number plates as a gift

What to get the person who has everything? Are they always hanging around their car or constantly going on about how their ‘baby’ is the best thing since sliced bread?

However, they have the fuzzy dice, the novelty air-freshener, AND the bobble-head on the dashboard! What can you possibly get them?!

Have you heard of the personalised number plate? I’m not talking about a number plate for your car which proclaims ‘1RDAB055’, but instead a show plate that you can fully customise but cannot be used on the road. Show plates, unlike regulation personalised number plates can say anything and be displayed in any way you like. There is no waiting for that ‘perfect’ plate to free up and you aren’t constricted by making the number plate meet road regulations.

With a show plate you can add images and borders to get the ability to fully customise your gift, certain businesses will even give you the option to add photos or custom images to make your show plate the perfect personalised gift. Typically you do not even have a character limit, with the option to change the font size and type to best fit the show plate you choose. Most retailers will even provide you with a range of sizes for your show plate, so you can pick the best option to reflect your gift recipient’s vehicle.

Want your show plate to be colourful? No problem! Change the background colour or font within the custom show plate designer to create the perfect plate. You might even be able to add additional text in the form of a ‘slogan’. Do they have a favourite make of car? Then you can recreate their iconic image within the show plate maker.

Show plates originated as a way to display a show car as ‘intended’ at car shows or in showrooms. Their ‘official’ description is ‘a phrase used for acrylic number plates that are used for show or off-road purposes only. They usually comprise of non-standard spacing, fonts and badges’. So do your research, as different retailers sell their show plate for different purposes, some only being quite flimsy and low quality. So for the perfect and unique car themed gift, why not personalise a number plate as a gift for their Birthday?

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