Car Valeting: High Standards of car cleaning

More and more mobile car washes are springing up in every town and the majority of them also offer a car valet service along side exterior cleaning. Their prices may seem reasonable but all too often these places use untrained personnel and don’t have the professional equipment needed to safely and thoroughly valet a car. These car washes can take a “conveyor belt” approach and valet a car as quickly as possible, with speed rather than results being their goal. This doesn’t just necessarily result in an inferior result but could cause actual damage to the car, and if damage does occur there is no guarantee they belong to a proper trade organisation or have adequate insurance.

Professional car valeting companies should pride themselves on their results and look for long term repeat business, either from individuals, companies or both. They will have the best commercial valeting equipment and products, and their staff will know the best techniques to use on each individual car.

Perfect Valet Ltd of Surrey is one such company. With over 30 years experience of offering a car valet service they approach each and every job with the same commitment to excellence to achieve the high standards they insist on. Whether the job is just a one off on an individual car or an entire fleet they use only the best products and equipment. This is why they often get the same cars to clean on a regular basis and have been looking after some customers cars for many years.

Perfect Valet offers a specialised personal service to all their customers. They are fully insured to collect a car from a home or workplace and return it once it has been expertly valeted. They can also do a full car valet at a location chosen by the customer if that’s what they prefer. As part of their service Perfect valet can carry out minor repairs such as plastic bumper or wing mirror repair and can even arrange for mechanical repairs and MOT tests to be carried out if required. Perfect Valet can also offer other car maintenance services such as alloy wheel refurbishment or even car storage.

Another service that Perfect Valet customers can take advantage of is Airlife. Airlife is a vehicle purification system which makes the car interior cleaner, free from bacteria and odours and much safer and more pleasant for the driver and any passengers. Tests have shown that cars are fantastic breeding grounds for germs and can contain up to nine times more bacteria than a toilet.  Airlife uses ionised oxygen technology rather than chemicals to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and odours and is recommended for people with allergies.

Perfect Valet believes that every job is important. They deal with a wide range of customers, from private individuals, to celebrities to commercial fleets for many businesses. They have experience of dealing with luxury brands but treat every car with the same care and attention. They have full public liability insurance and pride themselves on offering a highly professional car valet service in and around Surrey.

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