Credit Card Chargeback

One thing that had always prevented me from wanting to have an online business was the amount of chargebacks and fraud that is going on on the Internet all the time. I knew that as a small business owner, I was especially vulnerable to something called credit card chargeback. In case you don’t know what credit card chargebacks are all about, allow me here to explain it in a few simple words.

A chargeback happens when a customer disputes the purchase he completed and asks his bank to take the money back from the seller from whom he bought. It seems that customers are really well protected and can charge any amount of money back whenever they want it. This leaves small online business owners especially vulnerable as they aren’t as well protected as the customers are.

A few chargebacks happened to my small business in the past. I am sure that they have happened to anybody who tries to sell something online. There will always be people out there who will be unhappy with you for some reason or who are simply malicious and try to take the money from you. When it comes to the chargebacks that happened to me in the past, I didn’t try to dispute them as I knew that I didn’t have the tools or knowledge allowing me to win any dispute. I also didn’t want to be bothered by such things as I heard somewhere that it takes on average hour and a half for a seller to dispute a chargeback. This is something I didn’t have time for and I don’t think that I am ever going to have enough time for it.

Being a seller is not always easy unless you know how to dispute chargebacks in a matter of minutes. As a small business owner I don’t even have to know how to dispute chargebacks if I know somebody who can help me with that and who will do everything for me. I would prefer to outsource charebacks disputes to somebody more qualified than me mostly because I could use somebody’s expertise to get my money back a lot faster than I would be able to do it myself.

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