Do You Clean Yourself

I am glad that I am not the one responsible for cleaning my home as well as for doing all the housework. I don’t mind normally doing some light jobs such as disposing of the garbage in the house or some other non-complicated tasks, but more difficult tasks such as laundry and ironing for example are definitely not my cup of tea. I would much rather hire somebody from a maid service to iron my clothes for me rather than do it myself.

There was a time in my life when my parents used a maid service. It was a time when we were still small and mother felt a little overwhelmed with all the work at home. There were a few of us kids at home and I can only try to imagine how much mess would have been at home were it not for the helpful maid my parents decided to hire. From what my parents were telling me at the time was that what they liked about it is that it lightened their load and allowed them to use their energy for other things such as spending time with us, kids.

The more my family expands, the more I feel the need to hire a maid. My wife doesn’t really complain about the amount of housework she has, but I can see it in her eyes that she wouldn’t mind it if the load was smaller. She is a hard working woman, but she deserves some rest. I would love to see her happier knowing that she doesn’t have to do all this ironing but knowing somebody else could do it for her. I know how much she likes to read while sitting on her sofa and how it relaxes her. She likes to make herself comfortable and just relax for a while, but how can she really do it if there’s so much to be done at home? Since I don’t do that much myself since I am at work most of the weekdays and sometimes on weekends, I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be for my wife to cope with all the work she has to do at home. I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes.

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