Hivelocity Hosting Facts

One question I have been asking myself for quite some time is the following question: what exactly is a dedicated server? What do I really know about it? Do I know enough to make the best and well-informed decision concerning my website or my future websites? Have I encountered the term anywhere online before?

In case you have never heard that much about dedicated servers, this article is going to give you background information about dedicated web hosting servers. I will try to write about what you can get out of them in most cases and what you can expect from Hivelocity Hosting for instance.

In a nutshell, a dedicated server is a web host that serves your website and only your website, not many other websites at the same time as it is in the case of shared servers. When you compare it with the shared web server, a dedicated server is completely and always all yours to manage, monitor, and organize exactly the way you want it. In other words, the dedicated server is entirely yours for you to use and you can do whatever you want with it.

I came to the conclusion already some time ago that next time I am going to launch a new online business, I am going to opt for a dedicated server. I am so tired of hosting my online business on shared servers because I believe that because of this I lose a lot of money each month due to the fact that some of my customers are sometimes unable to access my website. Since I already put so much work in the websites, at least I want to be sure that they are always available to all those who might want to access them. The solution that I am thinking here about is one and only dedicated server.

What I like about dedicated servers is that apart from my main website I can also create several affiliate websites that can generate extra revenue through ads and that will lead customers back to my main website. This is a great business model as that way my main website will have a chance to become even more popular.

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