How to keep your car in tip-top condition

Running a car is one of the more expensive things that anyone can do, which is why it’s important to ensure that you do what you can to keep it well maintained: the better the vehicle is treated, the longer it will last.  Here are our tips on keeping a vehicle well maintained, brought to you in association with :

 Don’t overdrive. 

It’s amazing how many people drive when they don’t need to, and wonder why their poor car ends up knackered after a couple of years!  It’s important to ensure that you only use your car when it’s essential – i.e. for the weekly big shop rather than for simply picking up a newspaper from the corner shop!

 Keep it clean

As with almost anything, letting a car get clogged up with dirt and grime is an almost sure-fire way of it ending up in a state of disrepair.  It’s therefore a good idea to ensure that the car in question is kept clean and that the exterior is treated regularly.

Have it maintained

Another vital part of ensuring that a vehicle is kept in tip top condition is by making sure it’s serviced regularly. Having a specialist take a look at it will mean that any little problems that arise (as they do in all cars) can be dealt with immediately without getting worse.  Never under-estimated the value of catching these things early!

Don’t drive like a hooligan

Cars respond best when respected: which means not burning it around every corner without breaking.  The same goes for drivers that are constantly speeding up and down really quickly: this can be extremely damaging to the car, especially if gears aren’t changed efficiently.  Driving smoothly is a seriously under-rated way of keeping a car in tip top working order.

Keep everything topped up

Another key part of maintenance is making sure that the engine is regularly topped up with all of the necessary fluids.  Brake fluid, oil and water levels need to be kept at a constant level, as driving with them running dry can cause a lot of damage to the engine.

Take care of the air con

It’s important to remember that the air conditioning needs maintenance as well.  Many people don’t realise that this needs to be topped up and re-charged as often as two years.


Tyres need to be regularly maintained to ensure that they’re at the correct inflation, pressure, alignment and tread.

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