I Enjoy Printing

I enjoy printing many things and that is why I own a printer. I would like to share a tip with you today. If you are working in a company where a network of computers exists, you can print in any printer that is in your network. Sometimes you might be surprised after getting to know what printer your computer is assigned to. It might be even a printer on the opposite side of the building. To check what your default printer is and to change it to the one that you would like this to be, follow these steps:

Go to Start menu, select Settings and then click on Printers and Faxes. You will see here a list of printers that are in your network and that you are able to use. You will recognize a printer to which you are assigned that it is checked. Right click the printer of your choice to set it as a default printer and choose Set as default printer.

I Hope this wasn’t confusing as it can be quite useful if you have a few printers that you can print from.

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