Is Word of Mouth Promotion Still a Good Idea?

So many Internet users including website owners are so into Internet social networking to promote their websites that they completely forget about word of mouth, which can be an excellent tool helping you make your website a lot more popular that it is. I still remember reading a story of a woman who attended a few social media conferences. During all those conferences only one person talked to her about his blog, which was quite a surprise to her taking into account that all those conferences were all about social media and how they affect our everyday lives. So, is word of mouth still a good idea in today’s world? Definitely yes.

-You can be the first one who can talk about your website. You should never hesitate to share your website with anybody you happen to meet with even if it is going to sound like advertising your website. You have the right to tell others what you are passionate about and you have a right to share anything you want with anybody.

-When is the best time to tell others about your website? In my opinion, any time is good, although it wouldn’t certainly hurt to first get to know a person with whom you wish to share the good news about your website before communicating the message. Very often, people will ask you “What do you do?” You can treat it as an invitation to tell them about your website since this is something that you spend so much time on.

-It certainly wouldn’t hurt to learn how to tell others about your website. You might want to practice doing this in your spare time. Try to visualize how it would be to tell others about your website. Try to enjoy the experience as much as possible because the more passionate you are about your website, the more likely you are to encourage others to visit it one day.

-Be friendly at all times, but if you notice that somebody is not interested in hearing about your website, stop talking about it. If somebody is not interested in it, you probably will not get that far with promotion and you will only waste your time if you try to talk to somebody who shows no interest in what you do.

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