Las Vegas Time

What do you think I should do the moment I arrive in Las Vegas? I have a few ideas in my mind, but I am not sure which ones are good and which are not. Should I just stay in the hotel or maybe it is a good idea to see some Las Vegas shows since I am planning a trip to Vegas anyway? I tried to look for some shows online, but there’ so many like Las Vegas shows for example. What am I supposed to do? Wit so many shows taking place in Las Vegas every day, I really feel confused. If I finally choose something, what if I am going to change my mind? I think that the problem is such a wide choice of Las Vegas shows. Maybe I would not have a problem choosing something for me if there were not so many shows I could possibly choose. The truth is that there might be more shows in Las Vegas at any given day than there are in any other place in the US except for New York maybe.

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