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I remember when my father was robbed many years ago while coming back home from work one evening. He did not take his car because he worked so close to home that he appreciated to have a little walk to and from work every day. It turns out that it wasn’t really worth it. Getting robbed so close to your workplace and home does not feel so good.

Even though my father filed a report the next day and asked the police to do something about it, nothing was done about the crime that was committed. I do not think that the police ever caught those responsible for the crime. They might have been teenagers anyway, which means that even if they did get caught, they wouldn’t go to jail anyway.

If something like this happened to me or my father today, I would do more to make sure that those responsible for the crime were brought to justice. I would probably use the services of ABC Legal for example, as they would help me find the witnesses of the crime. It turns out that they have their ways to do so. You can ask them to do anything for you from finding witnesses and heirs to filing court papers for you so that you do not have to do it yourself.

I am so glad that helpful people such as process servers and private investigators exist. Very often, hiring a private investigator or process server is the only thing you can do to speed up things. Also, process servers are indispensable simply because their role is so important in courts. Process servers are responsible for document compliance, but they also are responsible for informing those who need to appear in court to do it in a timely manner.

I know at least one process server in my area. I also know of one private investigator who offers various services to various people. I can be sure that if I need him or his services one day, all I am going to need to do is to knock at his office door and he will be willing to offer me his help.

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