Machine Automation

Industrial automation completely changed the way we live as it is possible to produce products at a very high speed and low cost. There are all kinds of machines like, for example, machine NYC, and without such machines our lives would look completely different. There are thousands of uses for all kinds of machines and it would be difficult to even begin listing them. What industrial automation did is that it allowed easy access to all kinds of products due to the fact that they can be produced so fast.

If you look around your room you may find many items that were created at a low cost thanks to industrial automation. If these items were not being put together this way, then chances are that they would cost a lot more and that perhaps you would not even own them. For example the reason that phones are so affordable these days is that they are produced in mass quantities in factories that specialize in putting together this type of device. Because so many devices are created in such short amount of time, the company that manufactures them is willing to sell them at a reasonable price as they still have profit doing so.

What if industrial automation never happened? The phone that I mentioned above would save to be handmade by a person. Not only this would drive the price of such phones a lot, but it would probably not be even possible to create such devices without the aid of machines. While using a phone might be pretty easy, creating it requires incredible accuracy and attention to detail. However even creating less complicated items would take a lot of time without industrial automation. Let’s take scissors for example. They may not look that complex, but creating them manually from scratch would take a lot of time and effort. A few hundred years ago all tools were created in such a manual way, but I think that we can all agree that since than we have gone a long way. Have life become better? All I know that I enjoy using all of the products that I own!

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