Modest Attire

I noticed that many women wear dresses where I live. They look modest, yet their clothes look fashionable. Having said that, I know that not all women dress modestly, but I would definitely like to encourage them to do so. In my opinion, Sister Missionary Attire looks very fashionable and you can still look and feel beautiful as a woman even if you are dressed that way.

I included a picture in this post. What do you see when you look at it? When I look at it, I see young women dressed modestly in beautiful and colorful dresses (well, expect for one of them). Don’t you think that when you teach a girl to dress modestly while she is still young, she is going to keep dressing that way even when she is already older? There must be something about it and it is a good idea to teach young girls to dress the right way before the go to college or university where other girls might not dress as modestly as they do.

I have always admired some beautiful yet modest clothes. Just look at this picture and you will know what I am talking about here. It is really heart warming to look at those young girls and see how beautiful they look like. I also believe that dresses are more feminine and that it fits a woman to wear a dress or long skirt rather than trousers. I have always believed that trousers were reserved for men mostly and that there was something very nice about a woman who likes to wear a dress rather than trousers. I am aware that some of you might disagree with it, but this is just my personal opinion. I also agree that in some situations trousers might be more practical to wear for a woman like for example you cannot go mountain climbing wearing a dress.

I would like to encourage all young and older women out there to dress modestly and to wear dresses. You look good in dresses, believe me. You are doing yourself a big favor when you choose to wear a dress as opposed to wearing trousers because this is something that makes you look more beautiful and feminine.

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