Scary Movies

It might not be Halloween, but I recently watched Halloween the movie. Whether you will like it will depend on the simple fact: you like to be scared or not. I am this type of a person that likes to be scared but not too much at one time. I wouldn’t definitely watch horrors as the only kind of movies. What I do is I choose interchangeably film to be scared about and either regular comedy or some romantic comedy.

The movie that recently traumatized me for a while was Cry Wolf. Like almost in any scary movie there has to be a killer. There is one in Cry Wolf, there is also one in Halloween the movie. I am talking here about Michael Myers, a man in his twenties who has recently been released from the mental institution where he spent most of his life (no, this is not a mistake. He was put there when he was a kid for killing his older sister and her boyfriend.). Now, after being accidentally freed, Michael returns to his home village to find his younger sister. Will he kill her too? What are his motives for murdering his relatives? Those are the interesting things when you watch movies. If you like to be scared, there are many movies of this type on theaters.

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