Signs for a Windshield Replacement

When it comes to driving, your vision is just as important as the brakes on your car to stop the vehicle. Your vision needs to be dependable, and not have any defects so you have a clear view while you are on the road. Many truck and car owners will try to get around doing auto glass replacement however it could lead to much bigger issues such as an accident with another vehicle. Here are some signs to look for when its time to do a windshield replacement.

Your View Is Blocked

When it comes to your ability to see the road, there is no crack that is too big or too small. While we are driving we need to make split decisions and having anything that can obstruct your view could impact that. Weather also plays a critical role when it can already be hard to see when driving through rain or snow, so having a crack as well is putting your driving at risk.

Other Debris

It’s likely no matter where you’re driving that your vehicle will be exposed to flying debris such as dust, pieces of trees or rocks. This can get into the crack and have it start to expand and cause the glass to become discolored.  Now not only do have the crack to worry about but now you are starting to see the glass become discolored which can block your view even more.

Hazing On The Glass

To make the glass safe, all windshields with PVB which is made from plastic. It protects the glass by having it shatter into small pieces when something hits it. If you start to see a white haze around the edge of the windshield, it’s from the PVB that’s starting to peel off. This is an immediate sign that you should consider getting a mobile auto glass company to come out and replace it.  If you were to get in a accident without the PVB it could lead to more severe injury.

Missing Pieces

This might sound like common sense but it has happened, if you are missing any pieces of your windshield you should call a auto glass company  to come out and replace it.  There is a tendency to want to make do and try to preserver longer when you are only putting your safety at more risk.  The windshield also provides structure for your vehicle so if it has a weak point the frame of the vehicle can start to sag. If there are any missing pieces you are also going to need to consider the weather and insects getting into your car.

Thinking About A Repair

Maybe you have called some auto glass companies and have thought about the idea of getting a repair. You will need to consider that the crack has to be a certain size in order for it to qualify for it to be repaired. If you don’t meet the size requirements than you should go for the full replacement. It will also be a longer term option for you if you plan on keeping the car.

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