The Importance of Rest

Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to realize the importance of rest. I was so tired after work that the only thing I was able to think of was to rest. I wanted to make myself as comfortable, so I chose my sofa to spend my time on it with the tablet I have had for many months now. I can say that I was snug like a bug in a rug. I was so comfortable in this particular position that there was no way somebody would be able to drag me out from the sofa no matter how hard they tried. My mind was so set on resting that I simply knew that I had to rest.

I believe that many people out there don’t fully realize the importance of resting. All they do the whole day is to run somewhere and attend meetings that don’t really matter that much. I know that when you have a job, you are supposed to work because you are getting paid for it, but what is the purpose of working if you end up being overtired? What is the point of being dog-tired if you don’t even have a way to enjoy your life and make the most out of it? In my opinion you can still live in the best of both worlds by working and enjoying your life at the same time.

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