The Republic of Vanuatu

When you hear about Oceania, you probably think about Australia and New Zealand. It is true that most people who decide to travel to Oceania choose to visit Australia or New Zealand. While these two countries have a lot to offer to their visitors, there are some other destinations located in Oceania that are attractive as well. Today, I would like to write a few sentences about the country of Vanuatu. I do not know if you have ever heard about it, but if not, I would like to tell you something about this small, but interesting country:

-Only over two hundred thousand people live in republic of Vanuatu. You might think that this is not a lot, but many other countries in Oceania such as Palau or Tonga also have a small number of residents.
-The three official languages in the Republic of Vanuatu are English, French, and Bislama. If you know English or French, you should not have problems communicating with the locals.
-Even though the economy of the Republic of Vanuatu is based on agriculture, tourism plays an important role as well. More and more tourists from all around the world choose Vanuatu as their destination.
-Vanuatu is a country with beautiful nature and diverse wildlife you will only find in Oceania. Their rain forests are spectacular and they attract many tourists each year.
-The country has access to numerous beautiful beaches.

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