We live in the age of multimedia which uses different content forms. Sometimes we might want to read something, while in other cases we might want to hear to it in audio form, transcription NYC form, or even watch it in a video form. I think that in which form we prefer to see or hear the content may depend on various circumstances.

I noticed that the church I started to attend quite recently is posting sermons in both audio and text form on their website. They really try to convey their message in as many forms as possible. Many people in my congregation appreciate it as not all churches do like this. If you would take your time to check out websites of large churches, then you might notice that many of them most audio sermons on their site. This can be useful if someone wants to listen to a sermon in various places like in their car or in a bus. The thing with sermons, however, is that sometimes it is hard to understand properly all of the points the speaker wants to make. What if the speaker is referring to some passage from the Bible and you don’t have time to look it up? Well, it might happen if you are listening to the sermon.

Like I mentioned before, the church I attend is posting sermons in both audio and text form. I generally like the idea, because a transcript of the sermon can make the actual sermon a lot more clear. Due to this you can have time to check some references which otherwise you would not have the opportunity to check. Also, you can always read some part of the sermon a few times until you understand it fully. After all, listening to a sermon is not the same as listening to a typical radio show as with the latter you don’t need to concentrate as much while listening. So sometimes it might be useful to have access to a transcribed sermon, even it it is just to check a couple of things after listening to the actual sermon.

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