Unmetered Dedicated Server

I have been reading some articles about servers and I wanted to share my thoughts about an Unmetered Dedicated Server. First of all, let me explain what these servers are. Basically, a server is a computer that is stored in some safe location where it is taken care of and maintained by professional staff. In a server room they usually make sure that there is perfect temperature and humidity for the servers which would be very hard to achieve in a typical house.

Servers are usually powerful machines that are in very good shape thanks to regular maintenance. There are however different types of servers. Perhaps you are wondering which type of server would be the best. There are many things to keep in mind, but let me say a few words about dedicated servers. What makes dedicated servers efficient is that they are only for the use of the customer and he receives an IP address for himself. This means that memory or bandwidth does not have to be shared among dozens or hundreds of people, but the computer is ‘dedicated’ to the client as the name of dedicated hosting suggests.

Dedicated hosting is considered superior to shared hosting, because with shared hosting some clients with whom you have a server may overburden that particular server and make your programs sluggish as well. In a sense it is like having many roommates with whom you have to share everything. Only one person can take a shower at a time in your home and with computers it is similar as there is also a limit how much memory, disk space, and processing power can be used at one time. I don’t know about you, but I would rather live just with my family, rather than invite everyone over to live with me. Once the server gets ‘overcrowded’ you may start having problems just like you would have in your own home if dozens of people lived with you. I hope this comparison will be useful to those who are not really sure whats the appeal of dedicated hosting.

Unmetered dedicated hosting is basically the kind of dedicated hosting where you can use without restrictions being put on your usage. That’s good news for anyone that would need a powerful server at his disposal.

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