Visiting Portugal

I love Portugal and I thought that writing a post about Portugal will be one of the most enjoyable thing I have ever done on my blog. Before I start writing about Portugal, let me just encourage my visitors to share their own stories about vising Portugal if they had the luck to do so.

Now let’s move to talking about Portugal. Portugal was always an exotic, mysterious country for me that I dreamed about visiting but never actually did visit it. When I think about Portugal I think about this country with passion and with sentiment.

What is so special about Portugal that distinguishes this magic country from all the other countries that surround it? There are many, many things.

First of all, Portuguese are the real fans of football (equivalent of soccer in the American continent). Believe me, they really love this sport and made it their national tradition. To see how Portuguese feel about their football team and how patriotic they are watch this movie. This is Portugal’s national anthem sung by Portuguese football players.

One of the most renowned football players from this country include Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo – names I remember hearing a lot when I was younger. The main national team was second in Euro 2004 championships. Undoubtedly the biggest success of Portuguese team in the history of football was third place in 1966 FIFA World Cup.
Second, there is Portuguese music. Its traditional fado is still practiced by some artists whereas contemporary music also found its place in Portuguese music today. For me Portugal reminds me of music as my penpal was a musician himself. When I think about Lisbon I think about nightlife with streets crowded with people who came there to sit on cafeterias and listen to live music.

I am a big lover of warm and sunny beaches and Portugal definitely has them. Its coast is very wide and Portuguese architecture adds them a special climate. I really like South European style, especially sandy color of houses.

I could go on and go on writing about Portugal. It is such an exotic and intriguing country for me. I always thought that I know a lot about it, but after reading a bit more about Portugal I learned so many new facts. This country surprises me every time I have any contact with it.

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