Bikes Near a Beach

I chose to live near a beach on purpose. I never had a chance to grow up anywhere near the sea when I was a child, so as soon I started a life of my own, I decided to move somewhere close to a beach to settle down there. It turns out that there are some great cities and towns in this part of the country and it is not a surprise that they are coastal cities and towns where it is possible to rent a bicycle from a place such as a Bike Rental Redondo Beach.

Since I already stated that I live near the beach, I would also like to state in the same sentence that I enjoy riding my bike on the beach as the views are fantastic. Sometimes, when I ride my bike, all I do is stare at the sea. I never have enough of it and I am glad that I get to live in such a beautiful and fabulous place even though it can be chilly here sometimes.

Sometimes, when I ride my bike, I like to stop for a while and admire the views. They are so fantastic that I could write a whole story about them. Not that many things in life can be enjoyed more than the views one can experience from the promenade that stretches along this charming coastline.

I am going to be traveling to a few destinations this summer. Some of those destinations will be located close to a beach. You cannot blame me for wanting to spend some time in a warmer place than I am currently living in. After all, while the beach here is beautiful, it never really gets very hot here, even during summer months. While I love the scenery and everything, I also like to sunbathe in the sun in a very hot place. Since I am going to need to part with my bike for the duration of the summer holidays, I am already thinking about renting a bike in one of those places where I am going to spend this year’s summer. I am hoping that I am going to rent a quality bike and then I will want to ride it whenever possible.

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