Shaving Supplies that Help me Shave

I have a healthy relationship with my father. He has always been and he still is a very funny man that is really easy to like and be with. I completely understand why my mother married him. He has always been my hero and he forever be one. It is no wonder then that we used to spend so much together when I grew up in their home. My father would teach me all kinds of things from woodworking to shaving. It is because of him that I know so much about various shaving supplies that are available to people like me who like to shave in the morning or even in the evening when there is the need to do so.

I used to think that I knew how to shave (thanks to my father I have been always well versed in the art of shaving and I have always believed that I knew what I was doing), but right now I am not so sure about it anymore. I appreciate all that my father had taught me over all those years, especially when I was still a teenager, but a lot has changed since back then even when it comes to shaving. So many new products and so many new shaving tools appeared on the market that I might need to change my strategy when it comes to shaving. Something tells me that there are many shaving products I had no idea about, such as pre shave, shaving soap or ever razors for example. Now I know what I am going to do next time I shave. I am going to forget for a while everything that my father taught me about shaving and I will try to think of all those newer ways to shave. What I am going to do is to rub some pre shave oil before shaving to soften the skin. This should do the trick. After that, I am good to use a good old-fashioned razor and shaving soap to help me shave. Traditional shaving never goes out of fashion and I want to be absolutely sure that everything I do, I do to the best of my knowledge.

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