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I am definitely a freak when it comes to keeping things clean. Every time I see that something around me is dirty, I try to clean it immediately. Do you know what I am talking about?

I have always been a clean freak. I am ever more of a freak than my wife is and many among our friends consider her to be obsessed with keeping things clean and tidy.

I think that one reason I have always liked to keep things clean is when I was still back in college, one of my roommates absolutely hated to clean. Our room was always such a mess and I never liked it. I even decided to move to another room because of him even though I liked the guy. He just didn’t like to clean after himself, that’s all. His dirty clothes would pile up in the corner of our room sometimes for weeks as he didn’t really feel like doing anything about it. I think that his mother had spoiled him rotten when he was a kid and when the time came for him to move out and go to college, he was completely helpless not knowing how to even clean.

I am not the one in my home responsible for the cleaning and housework, because my wife takes care of all that, but I like to be helpful from time to time especially since I have tons of experience from the time when I was still a student and needed to take care of many things myself. I also noticed that my wife started using some eco-friendly soap some time ago. I definitely approve of this decision as I want to make the world a better place to live for our kids and grandkids. It seems to me that eco-friendly products are healthier to be around especially if you have small children living in your household just like I have. My kids never had any allergies or rash resulting from any eco-friendly products, so it is safe for me to assume that such products are also children friendly.

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