Coed sleepaway camps for girls and boys

Which camps are better: camps for boys, camps for girls or coed sleepaway camps? Personally, I believe that coeducational camps are better for children than camps that are exclusively for boys or girls only. I have a few reasons to believe that I am right when it comes to that. I am convinced that it is a good idea for girls to spend time surrounded by boys and boys should grown up being surrounded by girls. How else are they going to learn how to interact with one another?

I have to admit that I never really understood the idea of schools for girls or schools for boys only. The same applies to camps for girls or camps for boys. Maybe those who organize such camps have reasons to do so, but I fail to understand them.

All those camps I was sent to as a child were coed camps. I do not even remember hearing about camps that were not coed. For me, it was natural that during summers I was going to spend time with boys as well as girls. Thanks to those experiences, I learned how to deal with both genders and I also learned how to behave in different situations I happened to find myself in as a child.

I do not know to how many camps I was sent to as a child. It would be difficult for me to count all of them since I have been to so many of them. Maybe my parents would be able to tell the number as they liked to keep track of everything we used to do during summers together. One thing I am sure: I am going to continue the tradition of summer camps in my family. I do not want to deprive my kids of all those life-changing experiences I had while participating in the summer camps.

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