Nature walk in 30A real estate

I believe that all seniors have the right to age gracefully and safely living in gated communities that were designed especially for them with their needs in mind such as 30A real estate for example. I can clearly see the difference between those communities that were designed for seniors and such communities that were designed for everybody else. Every time I walk near a community where families with children live, I realize that it is not suitable for seniors. While young people might not mind hearing children play outdoors, this can be a problem for older people simply because they might want to take a nap in the middle of the day. Having somebody disturbing you when you want to take a nap can be a problem, especially if you are a light sleeper.

There are certain facilities that one can find only in gated communities for seniors. It is not a secret that the elderly require more care than younger people. In most gated communities for seniors, it is easy to locate a doctor and make an appointment if necessary. Seniors might prefer to live close to somebody they could call in case of an emergency. I know how important it might be to them to know that they can always count on the help from somebody who is available at all times.

Am I going to move to a community for seniors the day I finally retire? Probably yes. I like the idea of such gated communities and I like all the facilities they offer to all those who are interested in them. I would not mind living close to a golf course, gym and doctor when I retire knowing that I can drop by any time in case I want something. I also would not mind hanging out with other seniors living close to where I live.

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