Lawn Signs

If you visit my blog regularly you might know that for the last few weeks I have been looking for a property to purchase. This story is a bit centered on Lawn Signs and I will tell you later why. I want to buy a property in a specific neighborhood as I like that area a lot. In a town that I live this neighborhood is considered to be very pleasant and safe. Not all neighborhoods are like this and I am sure that you know what I mean.

Anyway, one day I was walking around the neighborhood where I want to buy a property while listening to my favorite music album on my mp3 player. There was very nice weather that day considering that it was December so I enjoyed that a lot. As I was walking down the street, I noticed that there was a lawn sign / real estate sign near one of the houses. I looked up at the house and I have to say that it looked pretty impressive. The real estate sign said that the house was for sale and it included a number to call. I jotted down the number as I thought that maybe later I should ask about the price.

What I did next is that I walked around the house a bit to see what the surroundings were. I liked the immediate neighborhood, but I thought that maybe I should still walk along the road a bit to see if I would imagine living on this particular street. While I was walking down the street I thought to myself how these real estate signs can be pretty useful as people who spot them are already in the neighborhood so they can check the area right on the spot. They can check if there are noisy surroundings. They can also check what kind of people live in the area. They can do all these things before calling the estate agent, so this way if they don’t like the neighborhood it will save everybody time.

You might be wondering how this story ended. Well, I did not buy this property as it turned out to be too expensive for me, as what I was looking for a smaller property. However, I can genuinely say that it was a fun experience for me.

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