Mens Shaving Set

Shaving. There is a lot I could say about this topic. Is choosing a razor the only thing that can discussed about shaving? Nothing could be farther from the truth than that. I pride myself in the way I am shaving and in the mens shaving set that I own. Let me give you some of my thoughts about shaving kits:

-First of all it is a good idea to have your own shaving kit for hygiene reasons. This way you can also choose the right shaving kit which is perfect for you. Most people would
know about it, but I think it is still worth mentioning.

-Shaving brush is something that does not get discussed as much as it should be in my opinion. There is a choice of brushes that have long bristles and short bristles. Some have soft bristles while others don’t. I think in case of shaving brushes it might be a matter of checking which one feels best for you. Opting for a higher quality one may make your shaving more enjoyable and make the shaving brush last longer.

-Would you shave without a shaving cream? I know I wouldn’t! I prefer a shaving cream that is from natural ingredients, rather than chemicals. Preventing irritation is one of the reasons to buy shaving cream. Keeping your skin moisturized is another.

-Aftershaves are easily available and these days they come in both lotion and gel forms. Which one is the best? Well, it is the one that you like the most. Just make sure that the aftershave does not irritate your skin and that might happen if it contains too much chemicals.

-This post would not be complete without me mentioning razors. There are some men that prefer a normal razor, while others like disposable razors. All types of razors are easily available, but let me just add that trying to buy the cheapest one may not be such a good idea.

-Does a shaving pouch constitute a part of a shaving kit? I think it does. Whether you like to travel or just like to keep things organized, the right shaving pouch can come in handy.

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