A Cool Way to Find a Site on the Internet

I have just discovered a new, faster way to open pages from my browser. As there are many sites that have .com as their ending, this trick will work only for them. The secret is that there is a combination of keys that writes www and .com automatically if you write an address in an address bar. Here is how you can do it to see how the trick works. Just go to your browser to a place where you can input any web address. Write google (for example) in the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter. You will then see that browser will take you automatically to www.google.com. Try this trick for any other site that has .com at its ending. Hope it will save you a lot of time.

Hello world!

I am happy that I finally created this blog as I have a lot of things that I can discuss. Some people think that having a blog is very difficult, but the key is to write about what you like. There are many topics that are of interest to me and that is why I will be writing about a variety of topics. As a matter of fact, if you got any ideas about what I could write about, then feel free to let me know as I might take that into account. Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy visiting my blog as I plan on adding content on a regular basis.

Free Software

I am kind of person that likes to look for good deals as I do not want to pay too much for anything. That is why I am happy that there is more and more free software out there. All kinds of programs are for free. This can include programs that can help office workers, but it also includes various software such as media players, security software, file converters, or even games. Basically, almost any kind of program can be found for free. Some of these free programs are very good and can compete with software that costs a lot of money. That is why it is worth checking out free software.