Recurring Businesses are Easier to Run with Chargify

I am one of those people who find a lot of satisfaction in trying to make some money after work. Of course, I have my day job which I like by the way, but it still does not mean that when I come home, I do not dedicate some time to making sure that my small online business is doing fine. To be honest, I don’t know what I would do were it not for my small business where I regularly accept payments thanks to software like chargify. It is not only about the money, although I appreciate that the Internet gives me a unique opportunity to make some money in addition to my regular income.

I figured out already some time ago that in order to be able to run an online business efficiently, I was going to need some sort of software to help me with everything. Since I am not a programmer, I never even considered doing everything from scratch. I don’t see why I would want to do everything on my own since there are such great programs out there allowing me to achieve so many things such as software allowing me to collect payments from my subscribers.

I have been collecting regular payments from my subscribers for some time. I believe that what I have been doing is collecting recurring payments. When I chose what I wanted to do with my business several years ago and how I wanted to collect payments, I knew that I wanted to collect recurring payments. Why did I choose to do so? I had an option to collect one time payments for my services, but I chose to charge my customers on a monthly basis. There are several reasons I opted for this option, mostly because I like to have a regular stream of income each monthly as opposed to receiving more money at once. I just like it that way and I am going to keep collecting recurring payments from my customers on a regular basis, also because my business model encourages it. I will try to keep you updated how this worked out for me, but so far all I can tell you is that it is working out very well.

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