Short Sales

This is not the first time I came across the term short sale. I remember once hearing about short sales when a friend of mine started considering it after talking to her lawyer. They both came to the conclusion that a short sale in las vegas was the best option that they had at the time and that it was worth to ask the bank where my friend paid her mortgage payments to allow the short sale.

I do not exactly remember how it all ended for my dear friend back then, but my guess is that all ended well since I know that she is doing very well today. I also do not think that there are any traces of the short sale on her credit report anymore as those who apply for short sales are not that likely to have any problems with their credit scores especially after a few years elapse.

I am sure that a short sale would be the preferred solution if I needed to sell my home one day and did not have enough money to pay my mortgage. I never know what my financial situation is going to be. The time in which we live are uncertain and many things can happen at any time to me and my family. I might even run out of money soon if for some reason I am going to lose my job. Some people were fired by my company recently and I hope that I am not next. My performance at work has been outstanding for a very long time, but it still does not guarantee me a stable job. If the company considers me to be expendable, I never know when I might end up looking for another job. I hope that this never happens, but if I am ever unable to pay my mortgage, I am going to be in trouble since I can’t really count on the financial help from my family. They have their own problems they need to deal with. All I will be able to count on is the possibility of a short sale, which will prove invaluable to me.

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